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About - Glow In The Dark T-Shirts

We are a UK based t-shirt/fashion brand company called Block. We design and print all our glow in the dark t-shirts in-house and we pride ourselves on great products at great prices.
We try our very best to ensure our glow t-shirts are ethically made without compromising on the t-shirts overall finish.

So why buy from us?

Just a few reasons why to buy from us:

We print all our own stock which means we can be sure of an excellent finsihed t-shirt, we can also do custom t-shirts as well as suppling to wholesale sellers.

Our glow t-shirts are the brightest around! Many of our customers have told us how impressed they are with the brightness and quickness to charge that our glow t-shirts give.

Ethically produced with out the huge price tag. We don't believe that ethical has to be expensive. We do our very best to keep in line with competitors pricing whist offering a superior garment.


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